We take care of it all.

What makes us different? The answer is simple. We take a hands-on approach to helping our clients. We love working in Southwest Florida, and we spend most of our time serving out clients, and we take a proactive approach to solving their problems.

Think about this…

Your toughest decision as a Southwest Florida homeowner is knowing who to turn to for direction and support to maintain your property. Island Butler is a company that understands home owners as individuals. We are licensed, bonded and insured.

We have created an exclusive team in each field to address all the needs and demands of your home. Island Butler takes ownership of our clients problems and finds a solution unique to your needs. Our expertise extends beyond the traditional role of home & property management and we recognize that it is crucial to be attentive, detail oriented and travel the extra mile to build strong customer relationships.

Island Butler Property Management exists to provide you peace of mind and more of what you are here for, quality leisure time. You have worked hard to get here, let us work for you to make the most of your time in Florida.


What type of rental properties do you manage?
We specialize in single family homes and vacation rentals. Island Butler lets you rent your vacation rental, collect the fee’s,return the deposit. This way your in control who’s in your home.   We also have a Home Watch service for homes, condos and duplexes in some areas.

Why should I hire Island Butler?
You should hire us only if you think we are the best match for your property management needs. Turning over your rental property to the care of an unknown property manager can be an emotional and scary experience. Make sure to always talk to other property managers before hiring one and always ask questions. You want to be able to trust your property manager so that you won’t be worrying about your home and property.

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Leaving Home?

The secret to travel success – organization! Regardless of how much time ahead you plan for a trip, you find yourself the day and night before running around trying to remember and do all the things you need to prepare.Forget nothing with the Island Butler Checklist. Properly preparing for an extended absence can save you thousands in the long (or short run). Contact us for more information on how we can help!